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The Milking Machine that you are purchasing works
with spare parts that normally will wear out with
time and you will need to replace them.
Liners, shells, air tubes, milk and pulsator hoses, air
tubes, lids, gaskets, milking claws, vacuum pump,
vanes for the vacuum pump etc.
Replacing the spare parts is at your expense.
The warranty covers parts that arrive broken or are
malfunctioning. For example:

a) Hose with a hole
b) Broken Liner
c) Broken Lid
d) Milking Claw leaking
e) Cracked lid

  • The warranty period starts from the date of
    delivery and it is 2 Years.
  • All Parts of the machine are guaranteed by our
    company (except Electric Motor)
  • Repair time is added to the warranty period, in
    case of malfunctions within the warranty time.
    The repair time can not exceed 20 working days.
    This time, starts from the date of notification to
    the authorized service station. The consumer
    notification can be done by calling the
    following telephone number: 1.888.691.5559.
    The distributor will provide the spare part that is
    failing with a new one at no cost.
    • Labor costs, cost of replaced parts will be
    repaired without any charge during the warranty
    period in case of failure of material,
    workmanship or assembly.
    • The consumer can have a free complete machine
    replacement, price reduction or money back in
    the following cases:
    • The product has failed at least 4 times since it
      was delivered to the customer during its
    • There has been any failure 6 times in a year
      and if it prevents the customer from using it.
    • The deadline to repair was exceeded.
  • Service of the company or the seller or the
    agency states that the repair is impossible.
  • The failures resulted from improper usage of
    the product voids the WARRANTY. For
    example, if you put oil in a machine that
    works with a dry pump or if you made
    alterations to the machine.

If your machine starts failing this is what you
will be expecting from our end:

We will address your problem immediately.
We will set a business day after 5:00 pm
Eastern time and we will ask you to be in front
of your machine.

A technician will be calling you to perform
trouble shooting over the phone and will ask
you to follow instructions to see if we can
correct the problem. If this is the case we will
be shipping you the spare parts to correct the
problem for free if your machine is under the
warranty period.

If we can’t find the problem at the time of the
trouble shooting we will proceed to take other
actions according to what the problem is at no
expense to the customer.

If you have any other questions about our
warranty you can contact us thru our website
contact form.

Kind Regards,

Mitty Supply