The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and it is 2 Years.

Your Melasty milking machine has parts that will wear out in normal use of the machine.

Silicone liners, pulsators, milk hoses, pulsator hoses, milking clusters, stainless steel shells, clear plastic shells, air tubes, valves, graphite pallets for the vacuum pump etc. This is normal and it is your responsibility and at your expense to replace them when you notice is time to do it. You can buy them in our website or thru Ebay or Amazon. The warranty that we offer is for all the parts with some exceptions. 

Motor and Vacuum pump: If you have a problem with your motor or vacuum pump, we will be asking you to ship it back. We have (EASA) (Electrical apparatus service association) certified technicians that will examine the reason of the failure. They will be able to determine if the failure was due to manufacturing defect or misuse of the motor or machine. Depending on the inspection results we will determine if we will replace the motor or vacuum pump at our cost or at your expense.

Example of misuse of the machine: Chemical substances added, motor alterations made by customers or motor failures due to: 

  1. Overloads when the pallets/vanes inside of the vacuum pump broke and the machine was unattended and let the motor burn out completely.
  2. Current surges
  3. Lightening

If your machine starts failing, please call 912-339-0173 Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00pm (Eastern Time) Please notice we are closed on weekends.

We will address your problem immediately.
We will schedule an appointment with you, where our technician will be doing a troubleshooting during our business hours. Please notice we are on Eastern time. If you have a smart phone with skype, facetime, or video applications that we can have access to see your machine we will really appreciate it since this will facilitate the troubleshooting a lot!

We will ask you to be in front of your machine since we will be asking you questions, and we will request for you to perform some tests. If a spare part is broken, we will be shipping you the spare parts to correct the problem for free if your machine is under the warranty period.

If we cannot find the problem at the time of the troubleshooting, we will proceed to take other actions according to what the problem is at no expense to the customer.

Vacuum pump and Vanes:

Your milking machine works with vanes or graphite pallets that are sensitive and fragile they go in a drum inserted in your vacuum pump. They wear out with the time and are not covered by the warranty.

What can cause to break them?

  1. Traveling with your machine from point A to point B when you have lots of vibration in your vacuum pump.
  2. Not following the procedures to turn off your milking machine after milking. Please refer to your Melasty owner’s manual page 36.
  3. Small particles like rocks, or debris.
  4. Not giving properly maintenance to your vacuum pump. How to give proper maintenance to your vacuum pump? 

 Open it occasionally, clean all the debris that you might see in there and put back on the lid. Also open your air tank and dry all the possible moisture that you might find in there. Please read your Melasty owner’s manual page 37

When your machine is not in use, we recommend storing it after has been thoroughly cleaned in a dry in a closed area. 

If you any any further questions about the warranty, please give us a call to:  (912)-339-0173.

Kind Regards,

Mitty Supply


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