Mitty Dairy Shipping policy:


The time that we have to deliver your milking machine is minimum. The freight line company we will be calling you to the telephone number and e-mail you to the phone and e-mail that you  provided in your order. Please be sure that there is a working e-mail and phone number please be proactive and cooperate with them in order to schedule a time for the delivery.

If after several attempts no contact has been made, we will designate the shipment for reconsignment.

These means that the machine will be returned to us and all fees that has incurred (Shipping cost, warehouse fees, and reconsignment fees will be deducted from your refund.

Portable Milking Machine:

Thank you so much for your business. It is very important for us to give you a good service. You need to understand that it will take 1 business day to prepare your milking machine in order to be shipped. It will take from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the state that you live. We are located in Glennville, Ga. We don’t offer expedited shipping. Why? Because it will cost you above $1,000 dls to do that. If you are willing to pay that amount of money or more you are welcome to give me a call so I can expedite it. As soon as we have a tracking number we will be contacting you so you can track the progress of your shipment. The truck driver will be scheduling an appoinment in order to deliver it. We offer free shipping in USA ONLY, lift gate and residential delivery service, we don’t offer inside
delivery, this means that we will be delivering your machine outside of your house. Please don’t ask the driver to pull into your garage or any closed area. If you want any extra service you will have to pay for it.


We don’t export. We can send the milking machine to the border and you
can take care of the rest.

If your order has been processed and the machine is out from our warehouse and you submit a change in your address, you will be responsible for the re-routing charge from the freight line company.

If you want to pick up your milking machine from a freight line warehouse you will have to contact us for the authorization to release it.


Shipping policy for milking machine parts:

Thank you so much for your business. Your order will be processed in a timely manner, the same day we receive it. Our cut off time is 1:00 pm Eastern time. All orders received before 1:00 pm will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders after 1:00 pm will be processed next day. If you place your order on a weekend your order will be processed on Monday morning. If you entered your address wrong, with a 9 instead of a 6 and the package come back to us you will be responsible to pay for the shipping charge the second attempt to ship your items. As a courtesy we offer free shipping only the first time.

We understand that you want your item as fast as possible. As a courtesy we offer FREE SHIPPING using USPS First Class. Our Warehouse is located in Glennville, GA. If you are located closer to us you will be receiving your item in the following 3 to 5 business days. If you are located in California then you will be receiving your item in the next following 7 or 10 business days. If you would like to receive your item faster, we also offer other shipping services
like Priority Mail or UPS Ground. You have the option of purchasing the option at the time of check out.

We will be providing you with a tracking number. You are welcome to check your order on USPS.COM OR UPS.COM.

If you have any questions please contact us thru the contact form. 

Thank you for shopping at Mitty Supply!