Melasty Vacuum Pump and Motor Deluxe with 1 Milking Bucket


This is the perfect system for dairy farmers that just bought their first cow and have in mind to buy another one later.

The pump has the capacity to milk 2 cows at the same time.

We have put together everything that you need to start milking your first cow!



     Combo Includes:

  • 3/4 HP Motor
  • 240 Lt/Min Vacuum Pump
  •  Milking bucket with everything that you need: 8 Gal Stainless steel bucket 1, 60/40 pulsator 1, silicone liners 4 , stainless steel shells 4, air tubes 4 , milk hose 8 FT, pulsator hose 8 FT, vacuum regulator 1, gauge 1, air hose 8 FT, and all connections from the pvc pipe to the bucket.
  • PVC Is not Included, you will need 1 1/4 Diameter tube to canalize the vacuum. You can buy it at your convenient store.


As a complimentary gift we have added a teat dip pre and post milking to disinfect the udder as well as a detergent to keep your equipment sparking clean!


Specifications for the Fixed System Vacuum Pump:

Technical Features:


Length (cm) : 51

Width (cm): 33

Height (cm): 77

Weight (Kg): 34.5


Vacuum Pump:

Engine Power (KW): 0.55 KW

Rotating (rpm): 1450 rpm

Voltage (V): 110V

Flow Rate (L/min):180-200

Palette Type: Graphite

Palette Size (mm): 80X43X4.9

Tank Capacity (L): 18

Amperage: 8.8


Milking Group:

Liner Type: Long Liner Silicone

Bucket Type: Stainless Steel

Bucket Volume: 30 Lt

Cluster Weight: 2250 Gr.

Milk Claw Capacity: 240cc

Milk Hose: 8 FT

Pulsator Hose: 8 FT


*Disclaimer: Melasty/ GETAGRI Milking Machines are designed to milk cows, goats or sheep, where the milk can be used for personal consumption or sold in small commercial circuits:

a) Expo Shows

b) Veterinarians

c) Personal consumption

d) Lotions/Soaps


The machine meets all the food certifications by the European Union. This product is not intended for milk that will be sold on a large-scale commercial circuit. If that is your intention, please consult your USDA OR FDA inspector and request our certificates. We will be glad to provide you with all the information needed.

Due to COVID-19, there has been alterations in the chain supply. Melasty has been trying to do their best to keep up with the original designs on the machines, but they still have had to make a few changes in order to make them available. Slight changes may occur, like the bucket size or handles. If you have any questions about any changes that might occur, please contact us and we will be glad to inform you.




Additional information

Weight165 lbs
Dimensions36 × 36 × 36 in