Quadruple Portable Milking Machine With Double 40 Lt Bucket




 Melasty Quadruple Portable Milking Machine With Double 40 Lt Bucket (Cattle)

Milk 4 Cows at the same time in 6 minutes!

          Model TK4-2PS cow milking machine, portable, electric, time saving and friendly to use, provides clean and better milk quality.


  • Melasty cow milker is a complete portable cost-effective design system, sturdy firm and built with high quality where you have all the milking equipment built into a cart.
  • Having all your milking equipment together will give you the flexibility to approach it to the cows or moving it around the barn. Mobility is a plus!
  • Closed cycle hygienic cleaning system: The motor and vacuum pump play an essential role to help you to get your equipment sanitized and ready for the next milking. The soapy water runs thru your liners hoses and buckets to leave them clean and disinfected.
  • Ideal for small and medium dairy farmers.
  • Cow milker parts are sold via www.mittysupply.com website.
  • Mitty Supply is a based Melasty distributor with technical support and service department.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: 30 Day money back guarantee.
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty.


Milk more cows in less time with less labor, Melasty model TK4-2PS keeps the milk enclosed and safe from external contamination providing cleanliness and better milk production.

The equipment that you will find on the metal frame list as follows:

Technical Features:


Length (Inches): 48

Width: 24

Height: 45

Weight: 36


Engine Power: 1.1KW


Rotating (rpm): 1450 rpm

Voltage: 110V

Flow Rate (L/min):410-430

Palette Type: Graphite

Pallette Size (mm): 4.85X53x84.85

Tank Capacity: 25



Bucket Type: Stainless Steel

Inflations: Silicone

Milk Claw: 240cc

Bucket Volume: 2 Buckets 40Lt

Cluster Weight: 4 Clusters Each one weights: 5 lbs

Milk Hose: 4 Hoses: 7 Feet

Pulsator Hose: 4 Hoses: 7 Feet



When you buy the milking machine you get a practical maintenance kit,

5 spare parts that will become handy when it is time to replace them.


Additional information

Weight335 lbs
Dimensions56 × 35 × 50 in