Milk/Pulsator Hose Clip (5 Pcs Set) Fits 1/2, 35/64, 5/8



Melasty, Tube Clip (5 Pcs Set)

Clip fits:

1/2 Milk Hose + 1 Inch Pulsator Hose

35/64 Milk Hose + 1 Inch Pulsator Hose

5/8 Milk Hose + 1 Inch Pulsator Hose

milking hose or milk tube is a component of a modern dairy farm milking machinery, which is used for harvesting milk from the animals. To distinguish between hoses which transfer milk and air, we therefor speak of Milk Hose or Dairy Tubing (transferring milk) and vacuum tubing (or pulsation tubing), which hold the vacuum on the cluster.

Milking machines work in a way that is different from hand milking or calf suckling. Continuous vacuum is applied inside the soft liner to massage milk from the teat by creating a pressure difference across the teat canal. Vacuum also helps keep the machine attached to the cow. Atmospheric air is admitted into the pulsation chamber about once per second (the pulsation rate) to allow the liner to collapse around the end of teat and relieve congestion in the teat tissue. The ratio of the time that the liner is open (milking phase) and closed (rest phase) is called the pulsation ratio.

Many Dairy Famers prefer transparent PVC dairy hoses, since they offer a high rate of visibility. Besides transparency, these hoses offer a cost effective alternative to silicon and rubber hoses, since the special formulation allows for ease-of-use, flexibility and clean use.


Requirements of a milk and dairy hose


Milk and dairy hoses are specifically designed for transporting milk and dairy products, as well as for animal and vegetable oils and fats. When hose flexibility is important, like in a milk parlor (a cow milking area), PVC hoses are generally used. A Hybrid PVC-Rubber hose increases the temperature and pressure operating range. The temperature and pressure for the hose is dependent upon the industrial requirement, application and operating environment. Generally, the service temperature of dairy and milk hoses may vary from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to +248°F).

Additional information

Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 1 in