Milk Pasteurizer FJ 15 (115V) – Small – By Milky

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MILKY FJ 15 (115V)

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The Milky FJ 15 is a multi-functional milk pasteurizing device for your home or organic food/dairy business. 

Allows you to pasteurize milk, juice or make products like cheese, yogurt.

The FJ 15 (230V) delivers excellent durability as well through its stainless steel body and components. Comes with a built-in electronic control panel so you can set your preferred time and temperature with ease. Other notable features of the FJ 15 include a water layer, extra milk thermometer, and a removable container with 3.7 gallons capacity. With this pasteruizer, you will easily be able to make 100% fresh and organic tasty products for your customers and loved ones.

Product Features: 

  • EFFICIENT – Comes with a 115V/60Hz Power Supply that gives life to its 2,8 KW Heater, can warm the milk up to a temperature of 194°F (90°C) in a span of 75 minutes or less. 
  • DURABLE – The body and parts are all produced from premium stainless steel, making the device sturdy, easy to clean, and long-lasting. 
  • CONVENIENT – Equipped with a built-in electronic control panel so you can easily set your desired time and temperature for the milk. 
  • GREAT COMPONENTS – Features a water layer, removable milk container with 3.7 gallon capacity, and an extra thermometer to make the pasteurizing process as easy as it could possibly be. 
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Can be used to make yoghurt, cheese, and even fresh juice from fruits or vegetables. This makes the machine perfect for home and organic business.


Max. capacity:  3.7 Gallons
Min. capacity:  .79 Gallons
Max. temperature:  168.8ºF
Type of heating:  Electrical
Power of heater:  1.5 kW
Power supply:  115v/60Hz
Diameter of water inlet:  Rubber connector
Diameter of water outlet:  2 cm / 0.78 inches
Brand:  Milky
Model:  FJ 15
Material:  Stainless steel
Strengths:  Removable container, Additional thermometer
Length:  14.7 in / 37.3 cm
Width:  14.7 in / 37.3 cm
Height:  19.2 in / 48.8 cm
Weight:  14.5 lbs. / 6.6 kg

The table below is approximate and time depends on the temperature of the room, the milk temperature going into the pasteurizer, and the amount of milk you are pasteurizing.

Wanted milk temperature °FSet up temperature °FSet up time

Download Owners Manual FJ 15



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Additional information

Weight17.6875 lbs
Dimensions22 × 16 × 16 in