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Melasty Vacuum Pump and Motor with 1 Milking Bucket



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Melasty Vacuum Pump and Motor with 1 Milking Bucket By Melasty

Do you have only 1 Cow?

This is the perfect system for dairy farmers that just bought their first cow and have in mind to buy another one later.

The pump has the capacity to milk 2 cows at the same time.

We have put together everything that you need to start milking your first cow!

Combo Includes:

Vacuum Pump With Motor, 1 Milking bucket with everything that you need: Stainless steel bucket 1, pulsator 1, silicone liners 4 , stainless steel shells 4, air tubes 4 , milk hose 8 FT, pulsator hose 8 FT, vacuum regulator 1, gauge 1, air hose 8 FT, and all connections from the pvc pipe to the bucket. Free Shipping!

  • PVC Is not Included, you will need 1 1/4 Diameter tube to canalize the vacuum. You can buy it at your convenient store.

Specifications for the Fixed System Vacuum Pump:

Technical Features


Length (cm) : 51

Width (cm): 33

Height (cm): 77

Weight (Kg): 34.5

Vacuum Pump:

Engine Power (KW): 0.55 KW

Rotating (rpm): 1450 rpm

Voltage (V): 110V

Flow Rate (L/min):180-200

Palette Type: Graphite

Palette Size (mm): 80X43X4.9

Tank Capacity (L): 18

Milking Group:

Liner Type: Long Liner Silicone

Bucket Type: Stainless Steel

Bucket Volume: 30 Lt

Cluster Weight: 2250 Gr.

Milk Claw Capacity: 240cc

Milk Hose: 8 FT

Pulsator Hose: 8 FT


Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in