Milk Can W/Lid 25 Lt/6.60 Gal Stainless Steel


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Melasty stainless steel milk can wine pail 25 Lt/6.60 Gallons

 Milk bucket lid with handle and two latches hermetically seal the top.

Handle around the body for easy transportation.


  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 18/10 Inox resist corrosion in nearly every possible environment. The seal gasket is removable for washings to keep hygienic conditions.

  • 25 Liter/ 6.6 Gallon capacity. 7 13/16” (OD) 7 3/4 (ID) 17” (H), 12 2/4” (W), 10.2 Lbs

  • Dual latches on top fastens the lid tightly. 3 support points. 1 handle on the top, 1 around the body to tote and 1 heavy side handle to facilitate pouring.

  • Perfect for milk, wine, oil, seeds

  • Satisfaction guarantee: 30 Day money back.


 Melasty stainless steel milk bucket have a quality workmanship, well built for easy transportation. It is perfect for milk, wine, oil, food storage (seeds, dog food, cat food).

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