Melasty Cow Pulsator Milking Machine 60/40 With 4 Exits


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Melasty, Stainless Steel Pneumatic Pulsator for Cow with 4 Exits

Pulsators are devices that stimulates rhythmic motion of a body. Melasty pulsators are programmed to milk the animals with the perfect motion to extract the milk. The ratio in the pulsator is 60/40 and are already adjusted.

Melasty, Cow Pulsator Milking Machine 60/40 With 4 Exits:

  • Has 4 outlets design that provide a gentle and rhythmic motion to extract the milk.
  • Has 4 nozzles to milk up to 2 cows at a time and the outside of the pulsator is covered in Stainless Steel. This makes the pulsator safe to use and not harmful to your animal.
  • Easy to adjust the pulsation rate with screw on the back side of the pulsator.
  • The left and right sides of the pulsator are fixed with multiple screws, making it more stable, reliable and help avoid hurting your animal.


If you are already a Mitty Supply customer and have one of our Melasty TK1-PS milking machines, you can update your machine to a double cow milker.

Melasty, Cow Pulsator Milking Machine 60/40 With 4 Exits and the following accessories will help you to make this possible!

  • an 8 gallon bucket.
  • a 2 entrance lid with gasket.
  • a complete cow 240cc milking cluster. (Flat legged or Angled legged)
  • 8ft pulsator hose and 8ft milk hose.
  • All the products above are included in our COMBO! 


**NOTE: These pulsators are  for customers with the TK1-PS model milking machines, who has acquired an additional cow and would like to update their milking machine to a double milker. You will also need to purchase all of the accessories listed above to update your TK1-PS to a double cow milking machine. Also, upon checking out, please note which 240cc milking cluster you will need. In the notes section, please specify if you will need the flat legged claw or the angled legged claw.





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Weight.875 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 4 in