Melasty Motor and Vacuum Pump


Milk 1 or 2 cows

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Melasty Fixed System Vacuum Pump

The pump is designed to be placed in a milking station and be connected to a PVC tube to canalize the vacuum air to the milking buckets. The pump comes with the connector to the PVC. Please notice buckets are not included. If you already have milking buckets but you need a good motor and pump this is the best choice for you!

The pump has the capacity to milk 1 or 2 cows at the same time.

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Technical Features


Length (cm) : 51

Width (cm): 33

Height (cm): 77

Weight (Kg): 34.5

Vacuum Pump:

Engine Power (KW): 0.55 KW

Rotating (rpm): 1450 rpm

Voltage (V): 110V

Flow Rate (L/min):180-200

Palette Type: Graphite

Palette Size (mm): 80X43X4.9

Tank Capacity (L): 18