Melasty Motor and Vacuum Pump STANDARD



Melasty Fixed System Vacuum Pump

The pump is designed to be placed in a milking station and be connected to a PVC tube to canalize the vacuum air to the milking buckets. The pump comes with the connector to the PVC.


If you need milking buckets please open the link:


If you already have milking buckets but you need a good motor and pump this is the best choice for you!

The pump has the capacity to milk 1 or 2 cows at the same time.

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Melasty Motor and Vacuum Pump STANDARD Contents in the package:

3601 Motor/Pump 3/4 HP/240Lt/Min (1)
3661-7 Pipe Holder Bracket (2)
3661-2 Vacuum Valve Connection (2)
3380 End Cap for Pipe Line (1)
7008/ Air Tank (1)
3268/ Air Tank Lid (1)
3270-1/ Air Tank Gasket (1)
7014/Air Tank Drain Plugs (2)
3665/Reducing Connector (1)
3663/Rubber Stopper Inox (1)
3262/ Vacuum Regulator (1)
7020/ Vacuum Tank Hose (1)
3627 Vacuummeter (1)
3200 Short Rubber mounting gauge (1)


Vacuum Pump:

Engine Power (KW): 0.55 KW

Rotating (rpm): 1450 rpm

Voltage (V): 110V

Flow Rate (L/min):240 Lt/Min

Palette Type: Graphite

Palette Size (mm): 80X43X4.9

Amperage: 8.8


Following are the diagrams in how you can make 1 or 2 stations:




How the milking system works

The milking system is divided into the milking side and the pulsator side.  When the system is turned on, vacuum is created everywhere by a vacuum pump that removes air from the system.  When the cows are not attached to the milking system, the vacuum created will be the same on both the milking side and the pulsator side of the system.  When the cows are attached to the milking system by the milking claws, milk and vacuum are present on the milking side.

This will cause the vacuum on the milking side of the system to be somewhat lower than the vacuum on the pulsator side.  The pulsator side will never have milk, only vacuum or air.

The easiest way to understand the milking system is to look at the action taking place at the teat cup level.


**Note: This option IS NOT a complete milking system. This system DOES NOT come with a milking bucket or additional milking accessories. 



Additional information

Weight70 lbs
Dimensions22 × 15 × 28 in