Melasty milk hose 35/64″ ID with Pulsator Hose Combo for Milking Machine!



Milk and pulsator hose fits Melasty 200cc milking cluster



Melasty milk hose 35/64″ ID

For cow or goat milking machine with pulsator hose Combo!


  • Milk tube Dimensions: 14mm, 35/64, .55 Inch ID, 13/16″ OD 8 FT 

  • Pulsator Hose Dimensions: ID 1/4″ Inch, OD 9/16″

  • Food grade clear plastic

  • High quality and long lasting

Milk and dairy hoses are specifically designed for transporting milk and dairy products, as well as for animal and vegetable oils and fats. When hose flexibility is important, like in a milk parlor (a cow milking area), PVC hoses are generally used. A Hybrid PVC-Rubber hose increases the temperature and pressure operating range. The temperature and pressure for the hose is dependent upon the industrial requirement, application and operating environment. Generally, the service temperature of dairy and milk hoses may vary from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to +248°F).

Dairy hoses must be a food grade hose that are made from non-toxic compounds that prevent harmful chemical reactions. They are also odorless and tasteless, which help in preserving the actual order & taste of the milk & dairy product. Since milk and dairy hose must comply to FDA & EU standards, special attention is required for its maintenance.

Milk and dairy hoses are impervious (not affected by) to standard cleaning agents like acid/alkalis and chlorine compounds. Generally, an alkaline cleaner or a chlorinated cleaner is used to clean these hoses. The alkalis, phosphates, wetting and chelating agents in alkaline cleaner dissolves milk fats, protein and carbohydrates. Additionally, the chlorine prevents the formation of films. Acid rinse is also performed to remove mineral deposits from the milk.

Steam is the most effective way of sterilizing dairy hoses and equipment. Ideally, the hoses will be exposed to steam for 20-30 minutes. The steam will destroy bacteria and other contaminants and the heat subsequently makes the equipment dry. The temperature and pressure of the steam, however, depends upon the material of the hose.

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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 11 × 1 in