Melasty milk hose 5/8″ ID with pulsator hose combo!


Milk and pulsator hose fits in all our cow milking clusters!


Melasty milk hose 5/8″ ID for cow or goat milking machine with pulsator hose Combo!

Melasty milk hose 5/8″ ID for milking machine Specifications:

  • Milk tube dimensions: 5/8″, 16mm ID, 15/16″ OD, 8 Ft Long: Fits in all Melasty  cow milking clusters! 
  • Pulsator Hose ID 1/4″ OD 9/16: 
  •  Food grade clear plastic
  •  High quality, long lasting


Milk and dairy hoses are specifically designed for transporting milk and dairy products, as well as for animal and vegetable oils and fats. When hose flexibility is important, like in a milk parlor (a cow milking area), PVC hoses are generally used. A Hybrid PVC-Rubber hose increases the temperature and pressure operating range. The temperature and pressure for the hose is dependent upon the industrial requirement, application and operating environment. Generally, the service temperature of dairy and milk hoses may vary from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to +248°F)

Milk and dairy hoses and their assemblies must meet FDA, EU and other standards for food safety and sanitation. Review your local standards to ensure compliance. PVC, EPDM, hybrid PVC-rubber or NBR are generally used for food grade hose materials.

Dairy hoses must be a food grade hose that are made from non-toxic compounds that prevent harmful chemical reactions. They are also odorless and tasteless, which help in preserving the actual order & taste of the milk & dairy product.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 11 × 1 in