Melasty Gauge and Vacuum Regulator W/Mounting


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Melasty gauge/vacuumeter and vacuum regulator with rubber mounting Combo!


  • Vacuum Regulator 5 count thread: Part No. 3262

  • Gauge diameter is 2 1/2: Part 3627


What is a vacuum regulator and how do I use it?

Often there is confusion surrounding the vacuum regulator, so this article will help to address what the purpose of the regulator is, how to locate it, and how to properly adjust it for your milking machine.

What is a vacuum regulator?

The regulator is responsible for regulating and maintaining the appropriate level of vacuum in your milking system. It is important set your milking system to the right vacuum level. This will be the optimal level at which your milking machine can pump the milk most efficiently. Additionally, this will ensure that you are working in a safe manner with your animals.

What does a vacuum regulator look like?

The exact look of a regulator may be different depending on the machine you are working with; however, every variation should look similar enough so the picture below should give you a good idea of what to look for.

Melasty Vacuum Regulaotr

As you can tell, there are three important components to the vacuum regulator:

  1. Starting from the left of the above image, you have the smaller knob. Once you have adjusted the desired vacuum level, this knob is used to lock the regulator to that setting.
  2. The second, larger knob is the knob you twist to change the vacuum level. Twist left to decrease vacuum, twist right to increase vacuum.
  3. The final piece is the thread that you use to screw into the milking machine.

How do I adjust the vacuum regulator on my milking machine?

It may sound like a daunting task, but properly adjusting the regulator on your milking machine is very simple. We’ve put together a short video demonstration. In this demonstration, we use two different machines. If you have purchased one of our machines for either cows or goats, the below video is relevant to your model.


Video demonstrating how to adjust your regulator

To briefly recap how to adjust the vacuum regulator:

  • Firstly, locate the regulator which is attached to the air tank of your model of machine.
  • Secondly, you will want to pull the plugs (or pluggits) out on your milking cluster. This step is crucial to testing and setting your vacuum to the correct level! By pulling out the plug, it will allow vacuum to build. You can then verify the vacuum via the vacuum gauge on your machine.
  • After completing the previous steps, you can turn on your milking machine. You should see the vacuum gauge move to indicate the current vacuum level.
  • Now that you have a vacuum reading, you can use the regulator to adjust the pressure. Turn the end of the regulator to the left to decrease vacuum, or turn the regulator to the right to increase vacuum.
  • Finally, once you have adjusted the regulator to display the correct vacuum level on the gauge, you are done!

Note: as mentioned previously, the part of the regulator that adjusts the vacuum level is the larger knob, not the smaller knob on the very end of the regulator.

What should I set my vacuum level to?

For maximum milking efficiency, we have recommended below what the vacuum gauge should read based on if you are milking cattle, sheep, or goats.

For milking cattle, we recommend a vacuum level of 0.45-0.50 bar pressure.

For milking sheep or goats, we recommend a vacuum level of 0.35 bar pressure.

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Melasty vacuumeter, and vacuum regulator

Melasty vacuumeter, and vacuum regulator

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