• Vacuump Pump for 4 Buckets
  • Servo Regulator
  • Vacuum gauge fixed system
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Melasty, cow milking parlor motor and vacuum pump. Milk 4 cows at the same time. 300/400 L.


Fixed system cows


Melasty Cow Milking Parlor Motor Vacuum Pump

Melasty, brings you the most efficient and cost effective way to build your own parlor customizing it to the size of your barn. The pump has the capacity to milk 4 cows at the same time in 6 minutes. Please notice the price only includes the motor and the pump. In order to build your complete parlor you will need 4 milking buckets, and accessories.

Motor and Pump Includes:

a) Vacuum pump and motor 300/400 L. 60 Hz, 1.1KW/ 1.5 Horse Power. 110 Volts

b) Servo Regulator

c) Vacuumeter

d) On/Off Switch


  • The motor and the vacuum pump needs to be wired to the electric box with the switch ON/ OFF. The box needs to be wired to an electrical supply cord 110V.

  • Ideal for small and medium dairy farmers. Cow milker parts are sold in USA  www.mittysupply.com web site, Ebay, Amazon and shipped for FREE.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: 30 Day money back guarantee. 2 Year manufacturer warranty.

You want: A cost effective parlor to milk 4 cows at the same time in 6 minutes. If you already have 4 milking buckets this is the master piece that will complement your milking station.

You Need: To have access to replacement parts here in the US. Access to USA based technical support.

You Desire: To save money complementing the milking equipment that you already have.

You Get: Everything you want, need and desire with Melasty cow milker pump.

You can milk more cows in less time with less labor.

Fixed system cows