Manual Cream Separator – Hand Crank


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Cream and Milk Separator Hand Crank by Motor Sich 80-90

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Searching for a cream separator machine that you can use even if you live in an area where there’s no electricity?

Then check out this Manual Cream Separator Motor Sich 80-09. This cream separating tool is 100% hand-operated, meaning you can use it even if you’re in a place with no electricity at all. In addition to that, the easy-to-use Motor Sich 80-09 also features a steel metal body and aluminum components. One of those said components is its milk bowl with 12L max capacity, allowing you to extract 1.2 liters of cream per go.  The Manual 80-09 has the ability to process 26 gallons of milk in one hour, great to have whether you’re an owner of a small dairy shop or you just want to make 100% natural and fresh dairy products in the comfort of your own home.

Product Features: 

  •      HAND-OPERATED – 100% manual, perfect if you live in an area with unstable electricity.
  •       STURDY – Features a body crafted from steel and components made of aluminum alloy, making the machine easy to clean and long-lasting.
  •       GREAT CAPACITY – Has a milk bowl with 12L capacity, enough to make up to 1.2 liters of cream with each use.
  •       EASY TO USE – Pour about 200ml of industrial oil into the machine before using it. After that, pour your heated milk into the bowl and then rotate the handle manually to start separating the cream.
  •        QUICK – Can process up to 100  liters  of milk in a single hour, making the machine great for business use.


This cream separator is extremely easy to use:

Warm the milk up to 40˚C or 104˚F, switch the separator on and pour the milk into 3.2 gallons milk container. In each 10 gallons of milk you will get about 1 gallon of cream. The cream will have 10 times more fat than your milk. If your milk has 3.2% you will get cream with 32% of fat. If you want cream with less fat content, mix it with low fat milk which you get during separation process. It is recommended to wash the plates inside the drum after every 5-6 gallons (two bowls) of milk.


Capacity: 80 – 100 liters/hour or 21.13 – 26.41 gallons/hour
Type of power: Hand-operated
Power supply: Hand-operated
Number of disks: 12
Milk container (bowl) capacity:  12 ltr or 3.2 gal
Max. fat content in skimmed milk:  0.05 %
Cream/skimmed milk proportion range:  1:4 – 1:10
Model: 80-09
Material:  Aluminum
Milk container (bowl) material: Aluminum alloy
Float chamber material: Aluminum alloy
Outlets material: Aluminum alloy
Body material: Painted steel
Milk container (bowl) diameter:  36.5 cm o 14.37 in.
Brand:  Motor Sich
Strengths:  The housing and other are made of metal, doesn’t require electricity
Weaknesses: You need to rotate it by hand, the aluminum plates are not anodized

Length: 36.5 cm or 14.37 in.

Width: 36.5 cm or 14.37 in.
Height: 52 cm or 20.4 in.
Weight: 8.5 kg or 16.5 lbs.

Download the Manual 80-09 here!


Additional information

Weight18.6875 lbs
Dimensions22 × 16 × 16 in