Maintenance Kit Set for Cow Milking Machines Models TKM1-PS, TCK1-PS, TEK1-PS, TJK1-PS

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Maintenance Kit Set for Milking Machines. For Melasty models: TKM1-PS, TCK1-PS, TEK1-PS, TJK1-PS


1 Vacuum regulator

1 200cc Milking Claw

8FT Pulsator Hose

1 Cow Pulsator

1 Set of graphite pallets (80mm)




Regular check ups of the basic functioning of the milking machine should be done regularly. It is recommended that a full evaluation of the system is performed every six months. Such preventive scheduled services will markedly reduce operational breakdowns that by experience always will be more costly in the longer perspective. A preventive service works as an assurance and reduces production losses and gives peace of mind.
The milk and other dairy products we consume today are produced by dairy animals – mostly cows. The milk is intended for the calf, but man has through centuries of domestication and breeding created a cow that produces much more milk than the calf will need. Today’s modern cows give less than 5% of the milk to the calf and all the rest is used for human consumption.
Originally the small amount of surplus milk was hand milked from the udder after the calf had been fed. Today the cows are machine milked two or three times per 24 hours while the calf prefers to suckle several times per day.
The working principle of the milking machine is imitating the calf suckling. The milk is extracted in a rubber liner applied on the teat with a lower pressure (vacuum) than the surrounding atmospheric pressure. In order to avoid damage on the teat the liner is periodically collapsed to create a massage and relief on the teat exposed to vacuum. This is called pulsation and occurs normally once every second.
The working principle was invented almost a century ago and has over time been refined and improved in today’s milking machines. This machine is very rare in the sense that it is the only machine that works regularly and routinely with and on an animal for production purposes. It is therefore extremely important that it works in a correct way to not harm the animal or the quality of the milk.

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