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Getagri, Goat Milking Machine Portable Electric With Stainless Steel Bucket 2.6 Gal/10 Liters


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Portable, electric with 2 cluster sets for goats.

Friendly to use with a 2.6 Gal/ 10 L stainless steel bucket for easy transportation.We have it!

The most convenient milking machine for beginners.

Perfect for dairy farmers that only have 1 or 2 goats.

If you are looking for a machine that will last years and years of use, with the perfect suction, friendly to use and a light weight small stainless steel bucket …

You found it!


  • Motor 110V-60HZ-0,55kw/ 3/4 horse power (1)

  • 2.6 Gal/10 L stainless steel bucket (1)

  • 8 Ft Pulsator and Milk tube (2)

  • Goat Pulsator (1)

  • Goat clusters with automatic valves (2)

  • 4 Ft air tube (1)

  • Silicone liners (4)

  •  Clear plastic shells (4)

  • Blind stoppers (2)

  • Muffler (1)

  • Vacuum regulator (1)

  • Vacuum gauge (1)  complete milking system mounted on a metal frame with a wheel to transport.


  • TIME EFFICENT: Adjustable vacuum pump provide sufficient suction to milk 1 or  2 goats at the same time in 6 minutes.

  • PERFECT PULSATION AND SUCTION: The milker provides the perfect suction needed to drain milk from the udder. Pulsator pulsates 23 times in 15 seconds, 90 times in 1 minute.

  • EASY TO USE: Simple design makes it easy to operate, suitable for use with the least technical experience, anyone can use.

  • PORTABLE TO CARRY: This milking machine is small enough to facilitate easy handling and mobility at the farm or to expo shows.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Closed Cycle Hygienic cleaning system, it has automatic washing system which is very important for cleaning and keeping hygienic milking conditions.

  • 100% SATISFACTION : Our goat milking machine comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 2 years warranty, we also provide technical assistance and spare parts for easy maintenance.


     Since we know what is convenience, we give you a gift to have spare parts handy…