Endcap for Chassis Leg (2Pcs) Fits all Melasty Milkers


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Zoro Endcap for Chassis Leg


  • Durable heavy-duty rubber prevents skidding

  • Easily attaches to the bottom of the machine legs



Outside diameter 1 7/16 Inches

Inside diameter: 1 1/2 Inches

Lenght: 1 5/16 Inches


The uses of tube end caps that you weren’t aware of: Widespread industry use of tube end caps to round off product design

Tube end caps are used across a variety of industries. From school chairs to display stands, they’re the perfect way to round off a design.

Tube end caps are the perfect finish to a tubular design. They provide a neat appearance, hiding any internal bolts, whilst rounding off the sharp edges of the internal tube to prevent injury. As such an important component of product design, the use of tube end caps is widespread across many industries. There are various ways in which they can be utilised, with some of them quite unexpected.

Furniture Design
Tube end caps are frequently used as the feet of a chair or table. Whether you’re using a round or square design, the caps are an important way to protect flooring from the scratches that typically occur when furniture is dragged back and forth.

Tube end caps also help to distribute weight evenly and protect the inner tube from becoming damaged. Patio furniture commonly uses tube end caps in their design, whether manufactured in metal or plastic. However, it’s less well-known that school furniture relies on them to provide safe feet for those seated at small-sized tables and chairs.

Corporate Buildings
Offices are another environment in which you’ll find plenty of items that use tube end caps, as the corporate world prides itself on using contemporary design to attract customers. In a lobby area, you might find a display stand with marketing materials to promote the business.

A display stand can use tube end caps to help it stand firmly on the floor and to keep the edges of shelves neat and tidy. These caps can also be found at the base of office furniture such as computer desks or rotating office chairs.

For businesses who work with creative materials such as paper-based drawings, sketches or architectural plans, you can even find tube end caps to secure your papers within a cardboard roll to be posted out to customers and fellow professionals.

Fitness Industry
Tube end caps are a staple part of product design in the fitness industry, whether that’s in your high street gym, in a luxury spa suite or just as part of the equipment you use in your home gym set-up. You’ll find that tube end caps are used in the base of multiple types of fitness machinery, from treadmills to exercise bikes, as well as in weights machines. Any type of metal bar product, as a weight or as the poles used on a cross-trainer can also benefit from using them in their design. Tube end caps are also useful to round off the edge of tubular shelving that might be used to house a set of free weights, or even a towel rack in the changing rooms.

Where gyms choose to promote fitness clothing in the reception area, tube end caps can be found in the clothing rack and often use a connecter to join the base to the actual stand.

This is just a small selection of ways that tube end caps work to round off a product, but really you can find them in any items that use tubing or pipework as an integral part of their design.



Additional information

Weight.3125 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 2 in