Electric Cream Separator FJ350 By Milky Day 110V


Manual Cream Separator FJ350

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Want a cream separating machine that can handle big needs and demands?

Then you’re going to love the Cream Separator Milky FJ 350 EAR . One of the best things about the FJ 350 EAR is that it can process a whopping 350 liters of milk per hour, making it absolutely perfect if you run a small to medium-sized farm or dairy shop. The Milky FJ 350 EAR sports a brawny  250W electrical motor and a 115V/60Hz power supply as well, giving it an impressive power that can last for a really long time.

The body of the FJ 350 is notable too thanks to its stainless steel body and components. And to make it really suitable for large batches, the machine also comes with a large metal milk bowl that can hold a capacity of up to 22 litres, enough to produce about 2.2 litres of cream in one go. 

Product Features: 

  • EXTREMELY FAST – Can go through 350 liters of milk per hour, making it a must-have for small to medium farms, households, and all dairy shops.
  • LARGE CAPACITY – The stainless steel milk bowl can hold a volume of up to 22 liters at a time, great for dealing with large batches. 
  • TOUGH – Boasts a heavy-duty 250W Electrical Motor that delivers impressive power every single time you use it. 
  • DURABLE – Its body and components are all manufactured from top-quality stainless steel material. Exceptionally sturdy, easy to clean, and does not rust at all. 


How to use cream separator:

Just warm the milk up to 40˚C or 104˚F, switch the separator on and pour the milk into 5.8 gallons milk container.

How much cream you can get? Helpful tips:

– from 10 gallons of milk you will get about 1 gallon of cream;
– the cream will have 10 times more fat than your milk. It means that if your milk has 3,2% you will get cream with 32% of fat;
– if you need cream with less content of fat you can mix it with low fat milk which you get during separation.
– pour about 1 gallon of hot water into the separator before the milk. The separation will be better.
– last three letters in the name of every Milky separator (in this case EAR) mean the power supplier and material. E – works from electricity, A – the drum with discs inside is made of aluminum, R – milk container and other parts which contact food are made of refined steel.

Cream separator Milky is the best choice for medium business

If you are medium producer, with cream separator you can offer fresh and natural dairy products to your local market. You customers will be very happy, animals satisfied and you will earn more! Don’t lose your chance!

Quality and reliability of the separator parts

The housing, milk container, float chamber and outlets for cream and skimmed milk are made of stainless steel. As all of the Milky cream separators, this model has anodized aluminum disks inside the aluminum drum. It means that disks which are made of aluminum will not acidify under the influence of milk because they are covered by special 14 micrometer film.
This model uses high quality brush motor. Only thing you will need to do after 3-5 years of intensive work is to change the brushes inside the motor.

We have smaller cream separators if you think this is too much for you! Check them out!


350 liters/hour
Type of power:
Power of motor
250 W
Power supply:
Number of disks:
Milk container (bowl) capacity:
5.8 gallons
Max. fat content in skimmed milk:
0,02 %
Cream/skimmed milk proportion range:
8-12 %
FJ 350 EAR
Stainless steel
Milk container (bowl) material:
Stainless steel
Float chamber material:
Stainless steel
Outlets material:
Stainless steel
Body material:
Stainless steel
Milk container (bowl) diameter:
45 cm
All parts except the drum and disks are made of stainless steel, Disks inside the drum are anodized, Durable motor
LED speed indicator is not available
45 cm
45 cm
71 cm
17,5 kg

Additional information

Weight36.875 lbs
Dimensions24 × 18 × 36 in