• Melasty compact cow and goat
  • Cluster set
  • Handle for hoses
  • TCK-1PS
  • wheel
  • Full Body

Electric Cow and Goat Milking Machine Complete Milking System 6 Gallon Bucket




Portable milking machine for cow and goat  6 gallon bucket!

Melasty cow and goat milker is a complete portable cost effective design system, sturdy firm and built with high quality, gives you the flexibility of milking goats and cows at low cost. You get 1 machine for 2 purposes.

Equipment to milk a cow includes:  motor, pump, cow pulsator, milking claw, vacuum regulator, vacuum gauge, silicone liners (4), stainless steel shells (4) and hoses included in a framed structure with wheels. This unique compact design will give you the comfort to transport your milk.

Equipment to milk a goat includes: goat pulsator, metal arm with milk tube and pulsator hose, complete goat cluster (Automatic valves, 4 silicones liners) please look at the pictures

  • Closed Cycle Hygienic cleaning system, it has automatic washing system which is very important for cleaning and keeping hygienic milking conditions.

  • Convenient  arm with cluster hanger. Ideal for small and medium dairy farmers. Cow and goat  milker parts are sold in USA thru our website, ebay, amazon  and shipped for FREE.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: 30 Day money back guarantee. 2 Year manufacturer warranty.

  • USA based customer service.

  • You want: A small, portable electric milking machine, light weight a complete milking system built together where you can take it out of the box and start milking.
  • You Need: Time, convenience, and effortless when you are milking.
  • You Desire: Easy access to spare parts, customer service that will guide you for any troubleshooting.
  • You Get: Everything you want, need and desire with Melasty cow and goat milker machine.This easy to use milking machine will milk 1 cow in 6 minutes. You can milk more cows in less time with less labor.
  • Melasty cow and goat milking equipment keeps the milk enclosed and safe from external contamination providing cleanliness and better milk production.


    Length: 49.2 in

    Width: 20.4 in

    Height: 35 in

    Weight: 100 Lbs

    Vacuum Pump:

    Engine Power (KW): 0.55 KW

    Rotating (rpm): 1450 rpm

    Voltage: 110

    Flow Rate (L/Min) : 160/180

    Pallete Type: Graphite

    Pallete Size (mm) : 70X43X4.9

    Tank Capacity (L) : 4

    Bucket Type : S/S

    Bucket Volume: 25 Lt

    Cluster weight (lbs) : 2 X 1.08 lbs

    Milk Claw Type: 2 Unit (4 x Universal Claw)

    Milk Hose (Inches): 8 in

    Pulsetor Hose (Inches): 7 in

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Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 36 × 45 in