Double Cow Fixed System Model TT2 (11 Gal Bucket) By Melasty


Motor and Vacuum Pump NOT Included

TT2 Diagram


Melasty Double Cow 11 Gal Milking Bucket With Dolly For Fixed Systems

Milk 2 Cows in 6 Minutes!

The milking bucket is designed to be hooked to a vacuum air hose.


This system is perfect for dairy farmers who already have a motor/vacuum pump and need to milk 2 cows at the same time with a bigger tank capacity.

What are the specifications of the motor and pump to make it work?

You will need a 3/4 horse power (0.55 Kw) motor  and a vacuum pump with a

180-240 flow rate THIS IS NOT INCLUDED!

If you need the complete fixed milking system including the motor pump and accessories please refer to TKS-TT2

*Thank you so much to Jefry Rivera from Costa Rica for sharing this demo video for model TT2. We hope you enjoy your system. Pura vida!

Double Fixed System Model TT2 11 Gal Bucket Features:

  • Dolly
  • 2 Pulsators
  • 11 Gal Stainless Steel Bucket with Milking Lid with Gasket
  • 16FT Milk Hose 5/8″ Inside Diameter
  • 16FT Pulsator Hose
  • 8 FT Air Hose
  • 8 Silicone Liners
  • 8 Stainless Steel Shells with Acrylic
  • 8 Air Tubes
  • Transport Lid
  • 2 Milking Clusters 240cc
  • 1 Milk Stopper to prevent spills when the bucket is getting full
  • 1 Blind Liner (It’s a plug that you use to put it on a liner when one of the teats is sensitive
  • 1 Set of Brushes



Technical Specifications:


Lenght: 47.24 in

Width: 27.5

Height: 39.37

Weight: 61.50


Milking machines work by exposing the teat of the animal to a vacuum and then extracting the milk that is induced by this process. Milking machines are designed accordingly to apply a constant vacuum to the very end of the animal’s teat and therefore draw the milk out, forwarding it to the respective milk container. The machine also squeezes the teat, now and then, so that the whole of the teat can regain full blood circulation at regular intervals. The teat itself is not subject to the vacuum on the milking side of the system, and so this causes the milk to start flowing and allows the teat time to rest. Therefore, the pump removes the air and induces a vacuum – which is how an animal is milked. 

Additional information

Weight94 lbs
Dimensions36 × 36 × 36 in