Cow Pulsator/Pulsator Hose Combo


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Cow Pulsator 60/40 and Transparent Twin Pulsator Hose/Tube 8Ft by Melasty


Pulsators are devices that stimulates rhythmic motion of a body.

Melasty pulsators are programmed to milk the animals with the perfect motion to extract the milk.

The ratio in the pulsator is 60/40 and are already adjusted.

The Pulsator compatible with all Melasty Milking Machines.

  • MILKER PULSATOR: Gentle and uniform milking, Excellent massage phase.

  • PNEUMATIC PULSATOR: Easy to install, Lightweight, easy to transport, easy to clean.

  • MILKING MACHINE Adjustable speed from 50 to 180 ppm 2. Pulsation Rate: 60/40 Adjustable

  • STAINLESS STEEL DAIRY MILKER: Gross weight: 0.35kg Package Included: -1 x Pulsator for Cow Milker

  • WIDE APPLICATION: Widely used on dairy farms and in milk product plants. Could be used for Interpuls parts of milking machine. It Can Provide A Gentle and Uniform Milking Work for the Livestock, Which Can Avoid Hurting the Breast Effectively.

  • Adjustable for Customization: You can increase or decrease the pulsations per minute by using an Allen Wrench.

  • High Quality: We pride ourselves in providing our customers products with the best quality.


The pulsator hose is Universal, can fit any pulsator.


  • Dimensions: 1/4″ Inch Inside diameter, 7/16″ Outside diameter.

  • Compatible with all milking machines

  • High quality and long lasting!

  • We offer Free Shipping!

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions13 × 15 × 5 in