Cow Assy 3-way hose 7 FT 200cc milking claw (Medium Size Teat)



Melasty Cow Assembly, Designed for Medium Size Teat, 

Long Lasting Shells Made of Stainless Steel with Acrylic, 

200cc Milking Claw.

3 Way-Hose (Twin Pulsator and Milk Hose)

  • 200cc Milking claw designed for cows with low milk production.
  • Stainless steel shells with an accent of acrylic on the bottom, long lasting
  • Liner Dimensions (Medium Size Teat): 
  • Soft silicone liners 24mm Top Mouth (Where the teat goes) 
  • 9 mm Bottom (Where the milking cluster leg goes)
  •  12′ 1/4 Length  
  • 3 Way Milk Hose: Pulsator Hoses: 7″ Inside Diameter 14″ Outside Diameter 
  • Milk Hose: 14″ Inside Diameter 22″ Outside Diameter 7 Ft Long
3 Way Milk and Pulsator Tube for Cow Milking Machines (8Ft) No. 3273

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13 × 6 in