4 Silicone Liner 3110-13 / Medium Size By Melasty


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Melasty, Cow Silicone Liner Part No. 3110-13

Liner No. 3110-13 comes standard in the following milking machines:

a) TCK1-PS

b) TEK1-PS

c) TJK1-PS


24mm Top Mouth (Where the teat goes)

9 mm Bottom (Where the milking cluster leg goes)

12′ 1/4 Length

The stainless steel shell that fit this liner is Model No. 3239.

The milking clusters that fit this liner are the following:


Melasty, Milking Claw 200cc Part No. 3400

        200 cc Part No. 3400

Melasty, Cow Liner/Inflation 12 1/2" long 4 Pcs With 240cc Milk Cluster COMBO!

    240cc Part No. 3520




Liners are the only part of your milking equipment which is in direct contact with the animal. The quality and the characteristics of the liner greatly influence udder health milking performance, milk quality and hygiene.

It is very important to use the best possible liner type. Pay attention to the size of your cow teats. We classified our liners as small, medium and large. “Old and worn liners are seriously effect the udder health, milking  performance and hygiene!” Melasty liners/inflations; are carefully produced from the highest quality materials and best rubber compounds tested in the laboratory to ensure correct composition to meet all legal requirements for food grade products approved and certified by RAL-Institute.

They are designed for a perfect fit to your milking system and proper massage to the teat ends. They can keep the needed physical properties during their working life, in ideal diameter, length, hardness and resistant to hard working conditions (-40 F/ +302F), besides their inner surfaces are very smooth, clean and contains no harmful deposits.

Melasty liners and tubes; are produced under the control of our laboratory and our standardization guarantee. We ensure always the same quality for each product you buy.

For animal health and milk quality DO NOT FORGET: To clean your liners correctly according to the instructions. To avoid using old and worn liners. To replace your liners at correct intervals each 6 months/750 hours/2500 milking.

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Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions13 × 15 × 3 in