2 Short Milk Tube Silicone For Melasty Goat Cluster Combo!


Time to replace your Short Milk Tube?


Melasty Short Milk Silicone Tube For Goat Cluster (2 Pcs )


The ideal tubes used in milking systems must be, user friendly and flexible but strong enough to endure the though parlor environment and resistant to fats, cleaning detergents, chemicals.

They must keep their properties even in hard conditions without  any taste or color transfer into the milk and of course they must have smooth and clean inner surfaces without any tear or hole.

“Old and worn tubes affects directly with the milking performance and milk quality & hygiene!



Short Milk Silicone Tube for Goat Cluster


The tube connects to the automatic milk valve to the Y Connector. Please look at the picture below.

Additional information

Weight.1875 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 1 in