2 Rubber Inflation/Shell For Goat by Melasty




Melasty Rubber Liner for Goat With a Clear Shell (2Pc Each)


Liner is designed for regular size goats.

Is not for dwarf breeds.

If you are interested in dwarf breeds please check our dwarf silicone liners.



  •  7 1/2 Inches Long

  •  11/16 In Inside Diameter  Top Entrance (Where the teat goes)

  •  2 1/2 In Outside Diameter  Top

  • 7/16 In Bottom



  • 4.72″ Long

  • .78″ diameter bottom

  • 1.57″ diameter Top

What goats are best for milking?

There are many breeds, but only a handful commonly considered the best goats for milk — such as Alpine, Saanen, Oberhasli, and Toggenburg goats that originated in the Swiss mountains. These breeds do well in cooler climates. Nubian goats do well in hot summers.

How many times a day do you milk a goat?

You should milk your goat twice daily if she produces enough milk, if she has just one kid, or if you are raising the kids with formula. You should milk your goat once daily if her kids are relying on her milk completely or if she does not produce much milk.
Can you drink milk straight from a goat?

Some of these germs (such as E. coli, Salmonella) are in milk naturally, while others may get into the milk as it’s handled and processed. Raw milk, juice, and cider are often pasteurized. … But if you have raw milk at home from a cow, goat, or sheep, you can pasteurize it to make it safe to drink.

Do goats give milk all the time?

Some goats are even able to produce milk for years at a time, sometimes without being bred at all during that time. If they are milked daily, a healthy doe can continue to produce milk, much longer than you would imagine. If you stop milking a doe daily, their milk supply can and will eventually dry up.

Additional information

Weight.625 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 2 in