2 Plugs/2 caps for lid, milking claw and pulsator


240cc Cow Cluster Plugs and Caps to milk 2 quarters by Melasty

Complete 240cc Cow Clusters with Plugs and Caps


Plugs and caps

Plugs and caps play an important function adapting your equipment to your milking needs.

When can you used them?

Dimensions for the plug:

Top ID: 5/8″

Bottom ID: 3/8″

Lenght: 1  3/8″

Dimension for the Cap: 3/8″


Option 1: When you want to milk only 1, 2, or 3 quarters on a cow and you don’t want to leave the liners hanging with the blind stoppers. Please watch the following video in how to use the plugs and the caps to block the milk and air  lines on the milking cluster.


Option 2: When you have a goat double milker but you only want to milk 1 goat at a time and you don’t want to have the second milk set on the machine.



What do you do when a cow won’t let down milk?
Oxytocin helps with the lets down of milk and should be given prior to every milking if used but the best method is to foment the udder with hot water and massage at least twice a day and more if possible.
How much oxytocin do you give a cow?
The recommended dosage of Oxytocin for obstetrical use is 5 ml in cows and horses; 1.5-2.5 ml in ewes and sows. The recommended dosage for milk let-down is 0.5-1 ml in cows; 0.25-1 ml in sows.
Can a cow hold her milk?
Normally, oxytocin is released naturally when the cow’s body is stimulated to let down her milk. … Holding up milk: A cow is considered “holding” her milk if she does not “let down” her milk at the beginning of milking time. We want a cow to hold up her milk … until we want her to letdown her milk!
How To Milk a Cow that Kicks
  1. Move slowly. When you approach a cow to milk her move slowly and be gentle. …
  2. Know your cow’s movements. If a healthy, mature cow kicks when she is being prepped for milking, it is usually because she is just annoyed — at you for bothering her. …
  3. Stay calm and get close.

Additional information

Weight.0625 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 1 in