10Lt Stainless Steel Bucket COMBO Melasty Model TK1-PS



Add accessories to your MELASTY milking machine!


Melasty electric cow and goat milking machine TK1-PS HYBRID DELUXE


10Lt Stainless Steel bucket with transport and milking lid and aluminum plate for Melasty model


Do you need an smaller milk tank?



If you are the proud owner of a milking machine models TK1-PS but you need a smaller bucket, we can customize this for you. When you only want to get the colostrum or your cow is giving you a small amount of milk, you can switch to the 10Lt Stainless Steel Bucket COMBO for TK1-PS and use the 10Lt/2.6 Gal bucket!


10Lt Stainless Steel Bucket COMBO for TK1-PS Features:

  • 10Lt/ 2.6 Gal  Stainless Steel bucket with lid

  • Milking Lid  (2 Entrances) With Gasket

  • Aluminum square plate to sit the bucket on the metal frame for the machine.


Improper cleaning:
When dirt is not removed, or the surface is not thoroughly rinsed and dried after cleaning, it can allow iron – found in most water – to react to the oxygen in the air, causing rust.

Scrubbing the surface with steel wool or wire brush:
When this process is used to clean stainless steel, particles are embedded onto the surface. Rust can form when these particles are exposed to humid air or moisture.

Cleaning chemicals:
At times, it’s not always the products being used directly on the stainless steel that causes rust. For example, chemicals that are used for cleaning concrete or windows can land on the stainless steel surface and react with the air to form rust.




Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 14 in