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  • 240cc Milk Cluster Angled Leg No. 3520

  • OUT OF STOCK Melasty, Cow Liner/Inflation 12 1/2" long 4 Pcs With 240cc Milk Cluster COMBO!

    240cc Milk Cluster W/4 Rubber Liners Medium Size

  • 240cc Milking Claw (3520) w/ Caps and Plugs by Melasty

    240cc Milking Claw (3520) w/ Caps and Plugs by Melasty

  • OUT OF STOCK Melasty, 1 Milking claw 240cc and 4 Rubber Liners 12" Long COMBO!

    240cc Claw W/3100 Rubber Liner Large Size Teat Cup.

  • OUT OF STOCK Melasty, Rubber Inflation/Liner for cow 11 1/2" long and 1 Milking Claw 240cc COMBO!

    240cc Claw W/3103 Rubber Liner Medium Size Teat


    4 Liners(M) Shells 240cc Claw By Melasty

  • Melasty, cow liner/Inflations 12" long with teat cup shells and 240cc milk cluster COMBO!

    240cc Claw W/Shells 3100 Rubber Liner Large Teat

  • Melasty, Cow Milker Claw Cluster Complete with Silicone Liners, Stainless Steel Shells, 240cc Milking Claw, Air Tubes, Blind Stoppers

    240cc Cluster w/ Medium Liners For Cows By Melasty