Spare Parts for Cow Machines

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  • 240cc XL Cluster with Milk and Pulsator Hoses

    XL 240cc Cluster Silicone Liner Large Size Teat with Milk, Pulsator Hose and Clips

  • Cow Assy 240cc claw with 2 plugs and 2 caps to detach liners when needed. 7 FT long milk and pulsator hose

  • Dwarf Cow Milking Cluster 200cc With Silicone Liners By Melasty

  • Vacuum Tank Dry 25L

    Vacuum Tank Dry 25Lt By Melasty

  • Electronic Pulsator SIngle Milking Machine

    EPC-1 Electronic Pulsator Conversion for Mobile Machine (For Cows) Part No. 3462

  • Medium Milker Cover

    Medium Milker Cover For Models: TK1-PS, TK1-PS GE EVEREST, TK2-PS , TK2-PS GE EVEREST, TKKC2-PS, TKKC4-PS

  • Large Milker Cover

    Large Milker Cover For Melasty : TK2-2PS, TKKC4-2PS, TK2-2PS GE EVEREST

  • Upgrade Kit for New Model TK1-PS

    Upgrade Kit TK1-PS New Model

  • Casting Vacuum Pump 80mm Dry Pump by Melasty

    Casting Vacuum Pump 80mm Dry Pump by Melasty