Spare parts return policy.

Mitty Dairy returns policy:

Thank you for shopping at Mitty Supply Dairy. We firmly believe in good service, and we want to help you to resolve your problem.


Steps to follow for a return:

1.-If you want to return an item for any reason first contact MITTY SUPPLY LLC customer service desk. (912)339-0173. Ask for a return authorization number.

2.- Pack your item in the best condition. The product needs to be unused in the original packaging in resalable condition. Include a note why you are returning the item. 

3.- All returns are at your expense. Please don’t ask for return labels.

Address: Mitty Supply LLC

               315 E. Banks St

              Glennville, GA 30427

4.- Send us the tracking number to: [email protected]. Once we receive the part we will review it.

5.- We will issue your refund to the method payment that you used to pay. If the spare part is damaged or used we apologize but you won’t get a refund.

REFUNDS: If you want to return an item for a refund, We will issue a refund within 30 days of receiving the returned merchandise – less a restock fee. Restock fees are 10% of purchase price with a $5 minimum. The restock is to cover our time and expense to package and ship and then unpack and restock a return.

The following items are not returnable:

  1. Milking equipment. Any product that has been in contact with milk or used
  2. Milk processing equipment (Cream Separators, Butter churns, Pasteurizer)
  3. Detergents and cleaning supplies
  4. Items purchased more than 30 days ago.

We don’t exchange products. If you want to return the item please follow our steps to return a product. You can buy the correct part as a new transaction.

Returns can be done within 30 days of purchase. It is important that you open your package as soon as it arrives because we do not accept returns after 30 days.

Replacement policy:

You have 30 days to request for a replacement or refund if the product was defective or arrived broken. After this period of time we won’t authorize any refunds or replacements.

WRONG ADDRESSES: If you entered an incorrect address and the package is undeliverable, the package will get back to us. As a courtesy we offer free shipping per order. If you fail to type your address correctly you will be responsible for shipping charges to deliver the package for a second attempt.

MISSING ITEMS: Missing items must be reported to customer service at 912-339-0173. WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS OF PACKAGE DELIVERY.

Returns policy for Portable Milking Machines:

A portable milking machine is a product that weighs no less than 100 lbs and we have to use freight services in order to move them from point A to point B. We selected the best freight carriers so you will be receiving your machine in a timely manner and in the best condition. Before accepting a return we will do everything that we can in order to fix the problem over the phone. Please read our policies carefully so you can understand how your problem will be solved.

Damaged products:

You must take the time to inspect the goods before you sign the delivery receipt from the carrier. If you sign the delivery receipt without inspecting the shipment you will be responsible for filing a freight claim and arranging for a repair or return of the damaged goods. Concealed damage claims must be reported immediately.

Suspect Damage:

On occasion, the outer carton may look damaged, but the product inside the box is perfectly fine. If you suspect concealed damage, note “Possible Freight Damage” on the delivery receipt while the driver is present. This way, if you discover later that the product is damaged, the remedy of a freight claim is less of a hassle.

Obvious Damage:

Do not sign for damaged products. If your product arrives damaged, please (a) REFUSE DELIVERY and (b) Call Us Immediately so we can process the appropriate claims and coordinate an exchange for you. We will be glad assisting you with any questions at [email protected]

WRONG ADDRESSES: If you entered an incorrect address and the machine is undeliverable, the machine will get back to us. As a courtesy we offer free shipping per order. If you fail to type your address correctly you will be responsible for shipping charges for the machine to come back to us PLUS to deliver the MACHINE for a second attempt. If you want to change the address once the machine has been shipped, you will be responsible to pay for re-routing the machine. 


We try to give you the best service, that’s why we decided to pay for the following:

  1. Shipping
  2. Residential area
  3. Liftgate 
  4. Notification of delivery.

The truck driver will be calling you to schedule an appointment to deliver your milking machine. They have 1 day to get in contact. If after several attempts, they can’t locate you, because you gave the wrong telephone number, or because they couldn’t reach you for any reason, the milking machine will come back to our warehouse. You will be charged fo shipping charges incurred and if you want to get your milking machine back to your address you will be responsible for paying shipping cost. WE WONT OFFER FREE SHIPPING.

MISSING ITEMS: Missing items must be reported to customer service at 912-339-0173. WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS OF PACKAGE DELIVERY.


We understand that you can change your mind, or you cow or goat died and things can happen. You can cancel your order at no cost IF THE MILKING MACHINE HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED. Once the milking machine is gone, you will be responsible for paying all the shipping costs incurred in returning the milking machine back to our warehouse PLUS 10% restocking fees.

Milking Machine is not working:

Due to the high cost of freight first we will be doing the best that we can to fix the problem over the phone.

We understand that some of our customers are not familiar with milking machines. We have a trouble shooting department that will be glad to assist you in putting your machine together or doing a diagnosis to identify what is the problem. 

We will be scheduling an appointment with our service department, and they will be calling you in a timely manner to help you out.

If a spare part is broken or is not working properly we will ship you the part at no cost.

Please refer to the warranty section. 

Our service department is really good giving you solutions. If for any reason your motor or vacuum pump is not working we will send you a brand new motor and pump. 

Melasty milking machines are composed by parts. WE WON’T SHIP A WHOLE UNIT. 

Due to the high expenses of freight services. We will replace the part that is not working.

It is our responsibility to fix the problem and leave you with a milking machine that is working properly.

Machine didn’t meet your expectations:

If the portable milking machine didn’t meet your expectations or you changed your mind for any reason, or the model that you chose is not what you wanted and now you want another model, we will be glad to take it back in a period of 30 days after the purchase day, but you will be responsible for packing and shipping it back to us at your expense and you will be charged a 25% restocking fee.


Melasty offers a wide variety in milking machines. In our listings under dimensions and specifications we list every detail. Please note that pictures can show a smaller bucket and can distortion reality. Maybe a 6 gallon bucket can look smaller in the picture but still is a 6 gallon bucket. Once you choose a model we won’t swap buckets.

You can buy additional buckets but we won’t exchange a 6 gallon for a 2.6 gallon. Before ordering a model please call and one of our customer service representatives will help you to choose the model that will fit your needs. 


The teat size of each cow, goat or sheep is different. When checking out our website we are offering you options to pick and choose the liner size that will work for your cow, goat or sheep. Melasty milking machines come with a medium size liner. If you want to go up or down in size, we will have to customize the cluster for you. We charge $50 dls customization fee for cluster in cow and $25 for goat or sheep. If you decide to keep the medium size cluster, it won’t be extra charge. If you are buying a single cow milking machine but you want your cluster to be customized, you will be receiving 1 cluster ONLY. You won’t receive a medium size and…a large or smaller size. If after receiving your milking machine you realize that you chose the wrong size cluster, it will be at your expense buying the appropriate liners for your machine.


We understand that while milking you may have an incident where you are losing vacuum, or your pump stopped working. We will be there to help you in the manner of our possibilities. We want to dedicate time to resolving your problem. Sometimes you may call, and our technicians are available right now when you need them. Sometimes they will be assisting other customers. If a technician is not available, we will schedule a day and a time during working hours when we can review your machine and do some troubleshooting.

ZERO TOLERANCE: We treat our customers with respect, we expect customers to treat us in the same way. Rude customers, bad attitudes, using foul language has ZERO TOLERANCE in this company. MITTY SUPPLY LLC has the right to refuse service at any time.


Social media has played a very important role in our society in the past 15 years. It is a wonderful tool for advertising and hearing the voice of our customers. We want to hear from you. We do our best to provide you with good customer service. Before posting a negative review, give us the opportunity to resolve your problem, we will address it in the best way following our policies and guidelines. Sometimes customers don’t want to follow our policies or don’t like them trying to force us to break our rules. This is the moment when extortion may occur. Threats about posting negative comments to get what the customer wants will not be tolerated in this company. Customers have the right to express their opinions, but MITTY SUPPLY LLC will answer each review with respect because every story has two sides.


Thank you for shopping at Mitty Supply!