Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which milking machine will suit my needs?

Let’s think first about how many cows you plan to milk in a day. If you will be milking from 1 to 5 you can buy one of our small models:


It takes 6 minutes to milk a cow. The bucket size for these models is 6 gallons or less. A good rule of a thumb is thinking about how much milk your cow, or cows will give you every time you milk. If it is more than 6 gallons, then look at the model TK1-ps that offers a bigger bucket which is 8 gallons.

Should I buy a portable or a fixed system milking machine?

A portable milking machine is a complete milking system on wheels that will give you the flexibility of moving it from point A to point B.

A fixed system is a complete milking system with milking stations in which you will need to bring the cows to it, to be milked. The motor and pump are separate from the milking bucket.

Your decision will be based on the infrastructure that you have on your farm and whatever is more flexible for you.

My cow has different size of teats, she has 2 large in the front and 2 small in the back? Can that be accommodated?

No problem! We customize equipment and we can adapt the correct size liner.  Simply pick the machine that will better work for you and as you check out, choose the size liner that you need.

Where are your machines made?

Melasty is a well-known brand all around the world, the manufacturing company is based in Bursa, Turkey and we are distributors bringing them to the USA market. These machines are the highest European quality in milking equipment suitable for small and medium farms.

Is there a warranty on the machines?

We offer a one year warranty. The warranty can be found at our Policies section on the main page of our website. In addition, our privacy, shipping, and return policies can be found there.

How do I clean my machine?

The motor and vacuum pump are a game changer when it is time to clean and wash your machine. You will need an extra deep and wide bucket to accommodate dish detergent, chlorine and vinegar as well as the machine. Leave everything connected after milking. Submerge the milking cluster and turn on your pump. The soapy water will run through your liners, hoses and buckets thoroughly cleaning them. This system is a closed cycle system allowing for cleaning and disinfecting your machine from inside. See the video here on how to clean your machine. The parts that need to be cleaned are hoses and milking cluster. If you don’t have a motor or pump, you can still clean the machine, but it won’t be as easy as the suction of your vacuum pump receives from the motor or pump.

Can I milk only 1 or 2 teats on a cow?

Yes, you can. This is made possible with our Milking Cluster #7050 and our plugs. Cluster #7050 comes standard with the following models:

  1. TK1-PS
  2. TK2-PS
  3. TK2-2PS

If you buy a smaller machine you will need to buy the appropriate cluster to allow for similar cleaning.

Are your milking machines approved by USDA or FDA?

Our milking machines are food graded and we do have all the European certifications. Since every state is different in the USA we recommend consulting with your local inspector and see the policies and guidelines that you need to meet if you want to sell the milk in a commercial circuit.

How long will it take to receive my milking machine?

Mitty Supply is located in Glennville, GA. And ship times are varied depending on the state the machine is being delivered to. Typical delivery is 2 to 9 business days.

Can I use an extension cord when using my milking machine?

Our milking machines need 8.8 Amps to work properly, therefore, you will need the correct extension cord to make this possible. You will receive a guideline when you receive your milking machine to be sure you are using the correct size.

Please check the Mitty Supply video below on how to use the correct extension cord.

Can I use a generator?

Yes, you can use a generator using the correct extension cord.

Can I upgrade a cow single milking machine to a double milking machine?

Yes, however the model you will need to start with is the TK1-PS. This is the perfect fit for customers that have one cow and plan to continue to grow their herd. We sell a Combo that will allow you to do this.

Can I milk only one goat at a time?

Our goat milking machines come with two clusters to milk two goats, but you can use a plug on the lid and on the pulsator allowing you to milk just one goat. Just ask us and we will be glad to guide you in the proper direction.

If I buy a cow double milking machine, can I milk only one cow?

Absolutely! Closing one air valve will allow you to do this. It is very simple.

What is the difference between model TEK1-PS AND TCK1-PS?

The big difference is that model TCK1-PS is designed to travel, as you can take it apart with the removable air tank. The TEK1-PS air tank is welded on the metal base.

What is the difference between model TEK1-PS and TJK1-PS?

a) The handle

b) Air tank position.

Model TEK1-PS comes with 1 handle to maneuver the machine and the air tank is in a vertical position.

Model TJK1-PS comes with 2 handles like a wheelbarrow and the air tank is in horizontal position.

What is the difference between models TK2-PS and TK2-2PS?

Model TK2-PS comes with an 11-gallon bucket.

Model TK2-2PS comes with two 8-gallon buckets.

Why is my pulsator not working?

Your pulsator has a black sliding door at the bottom and with vibrations, can move a little forward and creating an air leak. Simply push back the sliding door and your problem will be solved.

You can watch the video below for more information.

Do Melasty milking machines run with oil?

Manufacturing offers both types, oily and oil less vacuum pumps, we decided to buy only oilless milking machines that work with dry graphite pallets. If you prefer an oily vacuum pump let us know and we can order one for you.

An oil less vacuum pump is environment-friendly and does not cause oil pollution. It eliminates annoying smells as well as the hassle and cost of waste oil removal. Generally, oil less pumps are more efficient, more flexible and reliable. They have a higher fore line pressure which improves their performance by achieving a higher magnitude vacuum than that of mechanical pumps. Save yourself the cost of buying oil filtration accessories, special oils and traps by embracing oil-free machines.

Oil based pumps often require regular maintenance and attention, and frequently experience speed losses. On the other hand, oil less vacuum pumps always work at full speed at all times. They can literally deliver thousands of service hours without necessitating check-ups or maintenance.

Why is my machine humming and not running?

It is likely one of the graphite pallets broke inside of your vacuum pump. Turning off your milking machine in a wrong way can cause this, but it is not a big problem.

Please watch the video below for more information.

Who can service my motor or vacuum pump when needed?

Mitty Supply can service your pump with tune ups to your motor. Simply detach the motor from your machine and ship it to us.

We will service it and return it to you, like brand new.

Do your milking machines work with gasoline and electricity?

All our models work with 110V electricity. We have only 4 models that have dual motors.

  1. TK1-PS GE                 Single cow milking machine
  2. TK2-PS GE                 Double cow milking machine
  3. TKKC2-PS GE            Double goat milking machine
  4. TKKC4-PS                  Quadruple goat milking machine
Do you have milking machines allowing me to milk 4 cows or 8 goats at the same time?

Yes, we have a fixed system which you can pre-order that will accommodate this.

Do you have milking machines allowing me to milk more than 4 cows or more than 8 goats at the same time?

At Mitty Dairy we specialize in supplying small and medium farms, so the maximum one can milk with our equipment is 4 cows and 8 goats, where the milk goes straight to a bucket. Because our niche is small farms, we do not offer cooling tanks or equipment for large parlors.

Additional information and instruction can be found on our Mitty Supply YouTube page.