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Mitty Supply is a company dedicated to providing spare parts and equipment for different industries at very competitive prices.

Our main brands are WalbroTillotson, & Tulsan America.

Walbro are established industry leaders that specialize in the small engine market. Through Mitty Supply, we’re able to provide our customers Walbro carburetors for special engines that are hard to find in local stores. We are focused on carburetors for R/C airplanes, paramotors, scooters, and go-karts. If you don’t see the carburetor that you need on our website, just let us know and we’ll make it our priority to get it for you!

With the high ethanol content in gasoline today, we firmly believe that it is better to buy a good high quality carburetor that is going to last than a cheap imitation that will surely end up giving you problems in the following months. This is why we are committed to providing our customers with high grade carburetors.

Tillotson is the oldest diaphragm carburetor manufacturer in the world. Since being founded in 1914, Tillotson has grown along with the automotive industry to become one of the best-known carburetor manufacturers.

Through Mitty Supply we’re able to bring the Tillotson brands high quality carburetors and components back into the consumer market. Tillotson’s innovative technologies and OE quality make Tillotson the carburetor of choice for long life, reliability and performance. We also make it our mission to pick the best generators from the brand new Tillotson Power Products line.

The Tulsan brand was established in 1975 and has had an important place in the European market ever since. Tulsa is focused on portable milking machines, fixed system automatic milking machines, mills machines, grinding machines and water pumps with high quality production.

Our partnership with Tulsan America allows us to present our customers with the best Tulsan products available. We’re also able to offer different lawn and garden products with unbeatable prices.

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