About Us

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the most competitive and satisfactory shopping experience.

Free Shipping

Mitty Supply is located in Glennville, GA (USA) and we stock all of our products in house. That’s why we are able to offer fast delivery and FREE SHIPPING!

Dairy Farms

We specialized in small and medium dairy farms (cow, goat, sheep) it doesn’t matter if you have 1 cow or goat and if you have never milked before. We ar great teachers!


When you buy from us you don’t buy only a MACHINE, you are buying SERVICE. We will guide you at any time when you have a question via Facetime, Skype or over the phone!

Technical Support

Our technical support department is ready to assist you with any troubleshooting. All the parts you need we keep in stock. You have easy access via Ebay, Amazon, and thru our own website!

1 Year Warranty

Our machines come with a 1 year warranty! Top quality products and easy to use!