Milking Solutions for Small and Medium Size Farms


Milking machines and
spare parts for cows.


Butter Churns, Pasteurizers,
and Cream Separators


Milking machines and
spare parts for goats.

Cheese making for begginers


Kits for making
your own cheese.


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Why Us?

Mitty Supply is a company dedicated to providing milking solutions to small and medium size dairy farms. We customize the equipment to fit our customers and animal’s needs. We understand, respect and love animals and we do our best to protect them. Our materials are TOP QUALITY to provide comfort to the animal in the milking process and give you clean and rich milk.

Our machines are adaptable, and we can create hybrids, where you can milk a cow and a goat, or we can switch liners/inflations because you might have a normal size goat but also dwarf breeds.

We have seen everything, from BIG, Medium, and small teats. The machines comes with a universal liner that is supposed to fit a standard goat, cow or sheep. Nobody knows your cows better than you, so If you notice that your big girl needs a bigger liner, we will be there to make the adjustments that she needs.

At Mitty Supply we believe in technology and quality, we work with specialized technicians in the United States and Europe and we depend on the experience of dairy farmers all around the world, but what makes us special is our customer service. When you buy a product from us, you have access to trouble shooting, answers to technical questions, and even psychological support when your cow does not want to cooperate. You will find a good team to back you up when you need us, because nature cannot wait.

Take a look to our products and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call! Buying a milking machine will make your life so MOOOOOOOOCH EASIER!

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